How to prepare & paint a concrete floor

Guide on how to prepare and paint a warehouse or concrete floor

Step 1

Simply pour Concrete Etching Fluid onto the floor and apply by brush. A floor scrubbing brush will help for larger areas. Simply brush on and rinse away.

step 1.jpg

Step 2

Once you have applied the Concrete Etching Fluid to your floor, carefully rinse the floor clean, make sure you don’t use anything powerful like a pressure washer as this may ruin all your hard work!

step 2

Step 3

You can now leave the floor to dry out.. (Approx 48 hours) – when the floor is dry it’s ready to paint!

step 3.jpg

Step 4

Usually just one coat of a gloss coat will do the job, but to ensure a perfectly even finish you should coat the floor twice. The paint we recommend is the Epoxy Gloss Coat which comes in a range of colours.

step 4.jpg

Step 5

Once dried, your concrete floor is now ready to use.

step 5.jpg

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