Guide on how to use an outdoor stencil

This post is a step by step guide showing you how to use an outdoor stencil and spray.

Step 1

Ensure the surface you are going to spray on is grease free.


Step 2

Brush the area to remove surface dust and particles with a broom/brush.


Step 3

Apply masking tape to the stencil to secure it into position.


Step 4

Shake the spray can well until the ball rattles inside for 30 seconds.

deemark spray.jpg

Step 5

Apply the spray paint to the stencil.


Step 6

Leave to dry before removing the stencil (we recommend 10 minutes approx)

peel off.jpg



You can also watch the step by step guide film below..

Products used in this guide..

Deemark Line Marking Spray – Topper Masking Tape – A-Z Stencils

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