Never loose your glasses again

Hopefully this idea will help a few of you out as well as my dad. I don’t actually wear glasses but my dad does, Every time I visit my mum and dad’s house he misplaces his glasses at least twice while I’m there so god knows what it is like after I have left! My dad only wears his glasses while reading or at the computer so I thought it would be easier to keep them near by to the computer. I found some 3M hooks that I had laying about and all I did was stick it to their computer, It is perfect to hang my dad’s glasses on and if he always remembers to put them back after use he will never loose them again!

(Hopefully haha)

Also I think these 3M hooks would be great for hanging things like a set of keys on maybe by the front door? Or to keep shed keys on somewhere in the house! Let me know if you have used these and what you have used them for!

3m command hooks for glasses

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