Re-purpose empty containers

Using empty paint pots or containers to mix products together like adhesives for decorating is such a good way to re-purpose a product and is easy to do! I would recommend this instead of going out and buying a mixing pot (It does the same thing and is FREE!)

Do you have any simple DIY Hacks?


3 thoughts on “Re-purpose empty containers

  1. srbottch says:

    I do a lot of painting in the house and these kinds of tips are helpful. I keep an empty paint bucket on my workbench and put used stirring sticks in them. Just stir and drop in the bucket. There’re are always several in there ready to go for an other stir and the bottom of the bucket is very colorful. Also, to keep samples of colors, or a ‘file’ of colors for completed jobs, I dip the end of a mixing stick in a color and label the other end to identify it. I’ll still a hole in one end and put it on my ‘color string’ for future ref. Don’t forget to write the job description on the can side or cover so you know what the heck you used this one for. Phew!

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