Handy Tip Number 7 – Velcro Dots

Velcro dots are simply great, I mean all Velcro is great for different applications. I used Velcro dots to do a little tidying around the house such as sticking a piece to the wall and a piece to my torch so I can hang it up there and I will know where it is in case of power cuts!

Do you use Velcro for anything handy around the house?


DIY Halloween Project!

I’ve been working on a DIY Halloween project that I would like to share with you all!

First of all I’d like to talk about the make-up: I DO NOT own any red eyeshadow which annoyed me when I first thought of this look at it was an essential, Instead I opted for blusher, It works really well! Obviously the black on my eyes is all eyeliner and the scar is also eyeliner. its pretty basic Halloween make up but perfect to show you guys my DIY Halloween stuff!


P.S (I have edited photo’s into background to give you a feel of Halloween!)

  1. DIY trick or treat bucket!

I found an old bucket in the shed which is perfect for my little nephew to go out trick or treating with (Generous Aunt here wants sweets!!) I printed off a label from the internet and stuck it on the bucket so it felt more ‘halloweeny’.

trick or treat door2.jpg

2. Different Pumpkin Idea

This year with my pumpkin as well as carving I thought I could use Sparks Electrical Tape to jazz it up and give it some colour (I’ll let you know how I get on with it)

decorate pumpkin.jpg

3. Party Counter Idea

Are you holding an event and want to know how many people there are at your Halloween party? Use a clicker to count every time someone enters!

counting ghosts.jpg

4. The Classic Sheet Outfit

Of course everybody knows this one, but in all seriousness if you forget to buy an outfit its not the worst idea ever!!


5. Stencil Decoration

I love this idea that I came up with – Buy some line marking spray and letter stencils as well as some cardboard (May find this laying somewhere in the house like I did) then stencil on your message to put out the front of your house to add the effect of spookyness!

halloween stencil.jpg

6. Rubbish Sacks have other uses!

Rubbish sacks are great for making props like spiders and spider webs (obviously if you are not very arty like me just print off a template to help you with the shape!)

get creative.jpg

7. Bandages to make a Mummy!

This is also a great original that works really well…


8. Boiler Suits

Boiler Suits are also great to use as a Halloween outfit to go as many things, serial killer, prisoner etc, I liked the idea of a zombie!


I hope you like my DIY tips for Halloween, let me know if you have any in the comments 🙂

DIY Plant Pot

Ok I know this looks strange and people are going to think “why not just buy a plant pot?” well because I like making the most out of items that could be thrown out – The above is just an example (I don’t actually leave the stickers on the front of the tin) but this is a paint tin that I used at home and thought to myself “hm I’m going to use this for something when it’s empty” so that’s exactly what I did. I soaked the label off of the front so it’s just a plain white tin and filled it with soil and plant feeder and then added the plant. I think it looks cute in the garden and I plan to add more and more (I just need to find something else to paint so I can use the tin!) – Let me know what you think of this DIY!


Wall Borders

Just a short post today – Sprad Industrial Spray can be used to hang up wall borders, this is perfect to be used either in your home, at work or in the school classrooms. This one featured in the picture is actually in my Nephew’s room at my brothers house. I think it’s a great way to break up the room and add a little colour and pattern 🙂

hand up wall boarders with sprad

More DIY cheap decoration!

You may have read one of my previous post’s about DIY decoration on a budget where I made this…


but I also wanted to show you another type of party decoration which is also super easy and fun to create – All you need is some flagging tape (these can be purchased in all kinds of different colours so you can decorate for many different occasions)

Its pretty much like a daisy chain, and to be honest no precision is needed in the cutting of the tape as you can always hide it in the chain. So just cut the tape to length, wrap it round another piece (can be same colour or different) then stick it on itself and you should end up with something like this which is a perfect touch to a party (this particular one was used for my Sister’s baby shower, It’s a girl)

flagging tape for party decoration


DIY Decoration on a budget

I made these ‘bunting’ for an indoor party I had a few months back. I know they’re not the best but they work. And it was so simple. All I did was get some string that was big enough to hang from wall to wall in my conservatory, Got some Hi-Viz Gaffer Tape and stuck it on so it was showing on both sides then cut it to a sort of flag shape. I’m sure if you spend more time doing this they would look better and you could use different colours as well. I’m thinking these would be great for baby reveal parties or just to add a little touch of DIY to a BBQ you’re having. Also I can re-use these again which is the best part 🙂


Never loose your glasses again

Hopefully this idea will help a few of you out as well as my dad. I don’t actually wear glasses but my dad does, Every time I visit my mum and dad’s house he misplaces his glasses at least twice while I’m there so god knows what it is like after I have left! My dad only wears his glasses while reading or at the computer so I thought it would be easier to keep them near by to the computer. I found some 3M hooks that I had laying about and all I did was stick it to their computer, It is perfect to hang my dad’s glasses on and if he always remembers to put them back after use he will never loose them again!

(Hopefully haha)

Also I think these 3M hooks would be great for hanging things like a set of keys on maybe by the front door? Or to keep shed keys on somewhere in the house! Let me know if you have used these and what you have used them for!

3m command hooks for glasses

Handy Tip Number 4 – No more fluff!

I don’t know if you guys get the same problem when it comes to painting your anything in your home but I always find that I buy the fluffy rollers (because they are great) but the only problem I have with them is when I first use them the fluff can go in the paint and end up on the walls. My solution and tip to you guys is just to get some gaffer tape, peel a bit off and stick it to the roller and then peel off the roller and the excess fluff from the roller will come off with it, meaning no more fluffy paint and it’s all ready to use!

duct tape on rollers before painting