Tea Bag Fertiliser

I read somewhere that used tea bags are good and nutritious for your plants, So I gave it a go, I collected about 10 tea bags that I used over a couple of days in a pot and then one weekend I planted some flowers that I had been wanting to plant for a while but never got round to, All I did was spread the tea bags out in the soil I was using then planted the flowers. That was about a month ago now, Since then my flowers have blossomed quickly and are looking beautiful, I would say this is worth doing and literally doesn’t cost anything (apart from the tea bags you were going to use anyway)

tea bag fertiliser

Colour Co-ordination

I have so many keys. Work key, house key, garage key, shed key, family members spare keys and obviously car key. The majority of them all look the same so I often spend 20 minutes at one of the destinations trying all the keys in the locks to see which one fits! So I decided they needed some colour to them so I can tell which is which! I used artist tape and wrapped it round the top of the keys and cut a hole where needed. (It wasn’t easy and took a few attempts) but I got there in the end and am quite happy with the result. Now I can tell by the colour of the key which key is for which lock (with the help of the colour chart on my phone) But the task I have set for myself is to learn the colours off by heart so I no longer need my phone.. So far I know which is for my house.

customise keys

Glass Decoration

Soo.. I decided my wine glasses are a bit boring – (and no one likes boring when they’re having a drink or two!) All you need for this decoration is some Sparks Electrical Tape. It’s so simple to do. I just cut the sparks tape to the width and length I needed and stuck it to the wine glasses. I used a few different designs so they weren’t all the same but this one is my favourite. Let me know if you have done any DIY decorating at home recently – I’d love to see 🙂

glass decoration