Colour Coding your glasses

Ok so I’m carrying on with the glasses theme. Last week’s blog post was about how not to loose your glasses, This week’s is about knowing which are which!

I had another one of my inspirations, My grandad has 2 sets of glasses (I think one’s for reading and watching telly and the other pair are for driving) He always gets them muddled up so I found some tape and taped round the glasses and the case (A different colour for each) so now he knows that red are for reading and blue are for driving. Pretty simple but handy idea if you ask me!

colour coded glass cases

Never loose your glasses again

Hopefully this idea will help a few of you out as well as my dad. I don’t actually wear glasses but my dad does, Every time I visit my mum and dad’s house he misplaces his glasses at least twice while I’m there so god knows what it is like after I have left! My dad only wears his glasses while reading or at the computer so I thought it would be easier to keep them near by to the computer. I found some 3M hooks that I had laying about and all I did was stick it to their computer, It is perfect to hang my dad’s glasses on and if he always remembers to put them back after use he will never loose them again!

(Hopefully haha)

Also I think these 3M hooks would be great for hanging things like a set of keys on maybe by the front door? Or to keep shed keys on somewhere in the house! Let me know if you have used these and what you have used them for!

3m command hooks for glasses

Handy Tip Number 4 – No more fluff!

I don’t know if you guys get the same problem when it comes to painting your anything in your home but I always find that I buy the fluffy rollers (because they are great) but the only problem I have with them is when I first use them the fluff can go in the paint and end up on the walls. My solution and tip to you guys is just to get some gaffer tape, peel a bit off and stick it to the roller and then peel off the roller and the excess fluff from the roller will come off with it, meaning no more fluffy paint and it’s all ready to use!

duct tape on rollers before painting

Tea Bag Fertiliser

I read somewhere that used tea bags are good and nutritious for your plants, So I gave it a go, I collected about 10 tea bags that I used over a couple of days in a pot and then one weekend I planted some flowers that I had been wanting to plant for a while but never got round to, All I did was spread the tea bags out in the soil I was using then planted the flowers. That was about a month ago now, Since then my flowers have blossomed quickly and are looking beautiful, I would say this is worth doing and literally doesn’t cost anything (apart from the tea bags you were going to use anyway)

tea bag fertiliser

Colour Co-ordination

I have so many keys. Work key, house key, garage key, shed key, family members spare keys and obviously car key. The majority of them all look the same so I often spend 20 minutes at one of the destinations trying all the keys in the locks to see which one fits! So I decided they needed some colour to them so I can tell which is which! I used artist tape and wrapped it round the top of the keys and cut a hole where needed. (It wasn’t easy and took a few attempts) but I got there in the end and am quite happy with the result. Now I can tell by the colour of the key which key is for which lock (with the help of the colour chart on my phone) But the task I have set for myself is to learn the colours off by heart so I no longer need my phone.. So far I know which is for my house.

customise keys

Nail Varnish Holder

This idea of mine sprung to mind when I realised I have way to many nail varnishes and not enough space.. My side board in my bedroom is a velour material which is perfect to use with Velcro. I found some Velcro Strips that were hanging around (make sure if you do this that they are double sided) All I did was stick the Velcro onto the side board and then stick some onto the nail varnishes. Now I have a handy wall of nail varnishes all stuck to the wall and not in a clutter which makes it so much easier to find if I am looking for a particular colour. (I also colour-coordinated these as my OCD kicked in a bit)

Let me know in the comments if you are going to try this or have done anything similar 🙂

velcro nail varnish

Glass Decoration

Soo.. I decided my wine glasses are a bit boring – (and no one likes boring when they’re having a drink or two!) All you need for this decoration is some Sparks Electrical Tape. It’s so simple to do. I just cut the sparks tape to the width and length I needed and stuck it to the wine glasses. I used a few different designs so they weren’t all the same but this one is my favourite. Let me know if you have done any DIY decorating at home recently – I’d love to see 🙂

glass decoration

Getting my Westie involved

Last Saturday I held a fancy dress party for my friends at my house. There was no real theme but you couldn’t turn up in normal clothes. I really wanted to get my dog Sophie involved in the party as she would be there. So I got a babies T shirt out of a local supermarket and sewed it to size to fit her and then I had some pink gaffer tape laying around the house which I was able to transform into a tie! Doesn’t she look cute!! Everybody was very impressed with Sophie’s outfit and she was the centre of attention all night (I mean with that face it’s hard not to be)

gaffer tape tie

DIY Coat Hooks

I decided to try something a little bit different than hanging the average coat hooks up on the wall next to my front door. I purchased some door handles online and hung these up instead. I think they give my house the ‘shabby chic’ effect and all my visitors love them!

Do you use anything a bit ‘different’ as standard decorations/appliances? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

door handles coat rail

Handy Tip Number 3 -DIY Mess

My handy tip for today is so simple but so handy to know for the future. Now I drill A LOT of holes in my walls at home, at my families and also at my friends. There is always a mess when you drill a hole into any wall – so all I did to prevent this is get a post it note and fold it in half but so they sticky half is on the outside, Then just stick the adhesive side to the wall and now you have a net that catches the residue from the wall!

Let me know your DIY tips in the comments 🙂

drill mess.jpg