Colour Coding your glasses

Ok so I’m carrying on with the glasses theme. Last week’s blog post was about how not to loose your glasses, This week’s is about knowing which are which!

I had another one of my inspirations, My grandad has 2 sets of glasses (I think one’s for reading and watching telly and the other pair are for driving) He always gets them muddled up so I found some tape and taped round the glasses and the case (A different colour for each) so now he knows that red are for reading and blue are for driving. Pretty simple but handy idea if you ask me!

colour coded glass cases

Never loose your glasses again

Hopefully this idea will help a few of you out as well as my dad. I don’t actually wear glasses but my dad does, Every time I visit my mum and dad’s house he misplaces his glasses at least twice while I’m there so god knows what it is like after I have left! My dad only wears his glasses while reading or at the computer so I thought it would be easier to keep them near by to the computer. I found some 3M hooks that I had laying about and all I did was stick it to their computer, It is perfect to hang my dad’s glasses on and if he always remembers to put them back after use he will never loose them again!

(Hopefully haha)

Also I think these 3M hooks would be great for hanging things like a set of keys on maybe by the front door? Or to keep shed keys on somewhere in the house! Let me know if you have used these and what you have used them for!

3m command hooks for glasses

Handy Tip Number 4 – No more fluff!

I don’t know if you guys get the same problem when it comes to painting your anything in your home but I always find that I buy the fluffy rollers (because they are great) but the only problem I have with them is when I first use them the fluff can go in the paint and end up on the walls. My solution and tip to you guys is just to get some gaffer tape, peel a bit off and stick it to the roller and then peel off the roller and the excess fluff from the roller will come off with it, meaning no more fluffy paint and it’s all ready to use!

duct tape on rollers before painting

Handy Tip number 1 – using electrical tape

My friend who plays football for a local team is always complaining that his socks kept falling down while playing. That’s when I thought of an alternative use for Electrical Tape. I purchased some Sparks Brand Electrical Tape online in blue (because my friend’s socks are blue and I wanted it to blend in well) and told him to tie it round his socks so they didn’t fall down. And it actually works!

I would recommend anyone who plays football and has the same issue to purchase some electrical tape and try it out. – Now all my friend’s football team are using electrical tape round their socks!

electrical tape socks.jpg