Re-purpose empty containers

Using empty paint pots or containers to mix products together like adhesives for decorating is such a good way to re-purpose a product and is easy to do! I would recommend this instead of going out and buying a mixing pot (It does the same thing and is FREE!)

Do you have any simple DIY Hacks?


Handy Tip Number 3 -DIY Mess

My handy tip for today is so simple but so handy to know for the future. Now I drill A LOT of holes in my walls at home, at my families and also at my friends. There is always a mess when you drill a hole into any wall – so all I did to prevent this is get a post it note and fold it in half but so they sticky half is on the outside, Then just stick the adhesive side to the wall and now you have a net that catches the residue from the wall!

Let me know your DIY tips in the comments 🙂

drill mess.jpg